Backlink Strategies – The Good, Bad And The Spammy

You can find many types of backlink building strategies from simple to complex. These strategies come in three basic flavors: good, bad and spammy.

Let me go over them in reverse order of preference.

The first popular backlink strategy is to use automated software to spam blog comment sections and create user profiles on sites you never plan to use or participate in their forums. This strategy does work quickly but is normally very short lived as the links get deleted quickly by angry site owners. The search engines have also caught on to this method and will simply ignore the majority of backlinks built to a site using this method once it is discovered.

Also this strategy pisses off site owners because of the time they have to spend deleting all the spam they receive from people who use this method. Do you want thousands of webmasters spamming your blogs and sites? 백링크

I hope not.

The next strategy that I’ll just call the bad method is when backlinks are built in an unnatural method. The old linkwheels of the past are a prime example. They leave a definitive footprint that the search engines can clearly see. Link trading the wrong way can also be placed as a bad strategy. The “I’ll trade links with your site” method of the past simply does not work anymore. There are ways to trade links that fall in the good strategy but that is outside this articles scope. In a nutshell, any backlink strategy that creates backlinks in an unnatural manner can be labeled as bad.

Now that you know what strategies not to use, let’s move on to the good backlinking strategies.

The main keys to a good backlink strategy is natural looking backlink diversity built over time from mainly relevant sites. Notice I did not say backlinks from only relevant sites.

One key factor in natural backlinking is to have a natural looking variety of backlinks of different types and in different locations.

Typical backlink types include anchor text using the exact keyword phrase, the keyword phrase plus additional text and text that does not contain any of the keyword phrase.

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